Tired of Settling for Just “Good Enough” Window and Door Parts? Wish you Could Tool a New Part Without Paying a Fortune?

Don’t Create Windows and Doors With Less Than Perfect Parts. Have it Your Way

We’ve all been there. Your manufacturing and production costs are already too high, which is why you’re settling for an off the shelf part that is just “good enough.” Maybe your window’s design and production teams were told to create windows and products using a part that is already in the system. Sometimes you have to settle in manufacturing. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have on hand.

Anyone involved with the production of aluminum or vinyl windows knows that investing in tooling can be a big deal. Once you’d paid to have a part tooled, you may feel obligated to make it work for years and years, even after it’s become a less-than-perfect design solution. No one wants to pay twice for tooling.

Maybe It’s Time to Find a New Manufacturing Parts Supplier

At TKG Components, we specialize in castings, stampings, injection moldings and custom assemblies for the window and door manufacturing industries. Our design and production teams have encountered the tooling dilemma with many of our manufacturing customers.

Don’t Pay a Fortune in Tooling Costs

TKG Components approaches things a little differently. While we offer hundreds of standard and custom parts for windows and doors, tooling is not a profit center for TKG. When we work with manufacturing clients, we are focused on creating solutions, not gouging you with the high cost of tooling. TKG Components tooling costs are usually much less than other suppliers of window and door hardware components. Depending on the size and scope of your order, we may be able to waive tooling costs.

We Reward Manufacturers For Volume Orders

If, as a window or door manufacturer you have larger orders, you may be able to bypass tooling fees altogether. If you’ve got a big need to upgrade or replace a specific part, we’re willing to work with you and make TKG Components a cost-effective choice for your custom parts and hardware needs.

Stop Settling for So-So Window and Door Hardware

We have many clients who switched to TKG Components because they were tired of sticking it out with less than perfect parts because the tooling cost was an issue. Once these manufacturers met with us, they found they could afford to re-tool the window or door hardware to improve and upgrade their manufactured products in more productive and profitable ways.

Are You Ready to Explore New Parts and Hardware Options?

You know that with the best parts in place, you’re going to produce better products. Stop trying to make outdated hardware work for the products you manufacture. Call TKG Components today, and we’ll show you how custom hardware can make your windows and doors even better.

Have it your way!