Visa Mastercard AcceptedTKG Components LLC , founded in 1998, is a supplier of standard and custom products for the window, door and general manufacturing industries.

TKG Components LLC
1830 Swarthmore Avenue
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Tel - 609-730-1501
Fax - 732-370-4659
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We specialize in castings, stampings, injection molding and custom assemblies. Product are sourced both foreign and domestic. Let us tell you how our stocking program works. We supply parts from our New Jersey warehouse at the rate which is determined by you our customer.

Our Mission

TKG Components LLC is determined to be the best source for standard and custom products in the United States. We are doing this in the following ways:

  • a well managed inventory program which anticipates our customer's needs
  • tested, sampled, quality parts and assemblies
  • by engineering new parts and products to meet market demands
  • entering into partnerships for success with topflight companies

Our Vision

TKG Components LLC wants to be known as the reliable source you want to do business with. We strive to have the best inventory system in place to supply highly competitive parts and products to our customers quickly and efficiently. We take the lead time out of the equation and let people manage their business knowing parts are readily available.

TKG Components LLC does not sell to retail customers. Please consult your local yellow pages under windows for the retailer nearest you.